Tooth decay destroys your enamel, the protective surface layer of your teeth. Enamel is your tooth’s first line of defense against bacteria. The foods we eat allow for plaque and tartar to buildup. Dental plaque is a clear sticky film. It comes from eating foods high in sugar and starch. When you don’t regularly brush or floss, plaque builds up. It can harden into tartar, which allows harmful bacteria to live and grow on your teeth. This bacteria then eat away at your enamel, eventually getting to the interior of the tooth. Thus, cavities form. Also, as bacteria feeds on your tooth, it weakens the enamel. Even before a cavity develops, tooth decay can cause cracking or breakage. If this happens, you’ll need extensive oral surgery.

As cavities develop, the harmful bacteria enter into the interior of your tooth, or the pulp. Once here, your tooth can become infected, causing severe pain and even leading to tooth loss. Also, it’s not infrequent that tooth decay can be the source of a wider illness in your body. Clearly, knowing how to prevent tooth decay is vital not just for good oral health but good overall health.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay

If you experience any of the following, then you may be suffering from tooth decay:

  • Spontaneous pain without apparent cause
  • Sudden tooth sensitivity to hot or cold food or drink
  • Visible holes (cavities) in your teeth
  • Tooth discoloration, meaning stains or spots
  • Pain in your jaw when chewing or biting

Tartar and plaque can only be professionally removed. Thus, your dentist offers teeth cleaning to remove this buildup. But there are several actions you can take to lower the risk of tooth decay. You may be interested in knowing how to prevent tooth decay naturally. Aside from your daily brushing and flossing, fluoride treatments can be a natural tooth decay prevention measure. Because fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral vital to bone health, it makes for an excellent treatment. Ask your dentist about the possibility of having a fluoride treatment at your next appointment. Also, ask your dentist products you can find over-the-counter you can share with others about how to prevent tooth decay naturally.

Prevent Tooth Decay with Splendid Dental Woodlands

Tooth decay prevention is something everyone cares about at Splendid Dental Woodlands. You and your children deserve bright, healthy smiles. Therefore, we offer excellent pediatric dentistry. Of course, we also have a variety of services for adults like teeth whitening and dental implants. We also offer a range of additional services, including:

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