It is common for individuals to ignore dental issues that should not be left untreated. As a result, we find ourselves in trouble because these issues continue to progress. Not only do teeth experience damage, but ignoring issues could also lead to gum problems. These consequences can present themselves at any time and, under some circumstances, could lead to  a dental emergency.

Weekend Emergencies

If you have ever experienced a dental emergency, you have first-hand experience regarding the fact that these issues do not come with any notice. Because we often miss the early signs of dental problems, that often leads to a bigger problem. Sometimes the pain that comes with dental problems could lead to sleepless nights until you can find relief. If you find yourself in extreme pain during off-hours, it is beneficial to find dentists open on Saturday.

The Benefits of Dentists Open on Saturday

There are several benefits to choosing dentists open on Saturday. Some of these benefits include the following examples:

  • Emergencies: If you need emergency dental care, finding dentists open on a Saturday means they can address it immediately.
  • Full schedules: Many patients have full schedules throughout the week and cannot find time to visit the dentist. When they are open on weekends, it allows people with a busy home life receive the family dental treatment they need
  • Patient care: If a dentist decides to include weekend hours, that means they are seeing fewer patients throughout the week. As a result, they can dedicate more time and focused care to patients. This is good for those who have questions about cosmetic dental procedures because dentists have more time with each patient to resolve any concerns
  • Walk-in services: While visits to the dentist require an appointment throughout the week, many dentists offer walk-in services to help patients address immediate needs.

Your Dental Needs Do Not Stop During the Weekend

When you find dentists open a Saturday, they understand that dental needs do not stop when they are not open. That means they are going above and beyond to meet their patient’s needs. With a same-day appointment service, these dentists ensure that their patients do not have to continue suffering from dental pain.

When dentists keep their practices open on a Saturday, that also means there is no need for you to miss work for an appointment. That also means there is no need for children to miss school when ensuring they visit the dentist regularly. Managing a busy schedule becomes so much easier and convenient when these weekend hours are available.

Common Causes for Dental Emergencies

The need to find dentists open on Saturday could be the result of a dental emergency. The leading causes of these emergencies include:

  • Children accidentally knocking out their teeth.
  • Teenagers experiencing a sports accident leading to losing teeth or knocking them backward.
  • Elderly patients experiencing issues with their dentures.
  • Adults having fillings fall out or damaging a crown.
  • Anyone experiencing a persistent toothache.

Saturday Appointments for Cavity Fillings

Cavity filling is a simple procedure that can occur in one dental appointment. Small pits in teeth are a result of decay. In order to avoid an emergency dental appointment, it is best to fill cavities right away. At Splendid Dental we apply a local anesthetic before filling cavities to keep our patients as comfortable as possible. 

The next step involves removing the decayed part of the tooth part using a laser or drill and cleaning the area to kill all bacteria. A dentist will then add the filling material into the space left by the cavity to protect the tooth from further decay. The last step is to smooth the surface of the tooth using a file to ensure that it does not affect the patient’s chewing.

Does it Hurt to Get a Cavity Filled?

One of the main reasons people avoid dental treatment is the fear of pain during the procedure. To deal with this anxiety, our dentists use local anesthesia to numb the area near the tooth that is being filled. For patients with severe anxiety, nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas may be used to calm the nerves. If you experience severe pain, a dentist at Splendid will be happy to schedule a Saturday appointment to prevent you from missing work. 

Treatments Requiring Sedation Dentistry

When you need sedation dental treatments, it is common to have to take the entire day off for this procedure. There are also instances when patients must also take the following day off to recover. However, when you work with dentists open on Saturday, that is not the case. You can undergo these procedures on a Saturday without worries of missing two days of work. That is because you can take Sunday to recover from the procedure.

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